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The Coral Charm Collection

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Say hello to The Coral Charm Collection! 

This mini collection of peonies and roses is the perfect gift for Mothers Day.  It features three limited edition colourful bouquets, in pinks and corals, and each comes in a square glass bud vase.

The Imogen - Paper Flower Bouquet

When I was designing this collection, I started to think about who these coral blooms would be named after.  Our Signature Collection already features The Billy-June and The Hazel, named after my own mum and mother-in-law respectively, (also perfect gifts for Mothers Day!) so those names were already taken!  I then started to think about some of the most inspirational mum’s I know, and one mum in particular stood out. 

The Imogen - Paper Flower Bouquet

She’s the sort of person who will probably be shocked and a tad embarrassed that I’m naming a whole collection after her and her littles.  The sort of mum who never makes a fuss or complains, but just gets on with it.  She quietly and unassumingly has raised two of the most adorable little girls I know, despite challenges, hardcore pregnancies, and little help from anyone other than her equally wonderful husband. 

The Esme - Paper Flower Bouquet

Her eldest daughter, aged 4, is the sort of kid every mum hopes their daughter will become.  She’s smart, funny, knows exactly what she wants and despite her young age, puts her all into everything that she does.  She’s equally one of the most polite and well behaved kids I have ever met!  However my favourite quality about her, is that she gives absolutely amazing bear hugs!

The Isabel - Paper Flower Bouquet

Earlier this year, they also welcomed a new addition to the family, who already seems as adorable as her big sister.  I have no doubt that with such great parents and a very cool sibling, she too will be one special little girl!

The Imogen - Paper Flower Bouquet

Introducing, The Imogen, The Esme, and The Isabel, available now in limited quantities. 

Happy Mothers Day!