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Paper Hydrangea Anemone and Chrystanthemum
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Signature Paper Blooms

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When I first started designing our Signature Paper Flower bouquets, I wanted there to be something special about them and their meaning.  It didn’t take long to find inspiration from the people and places in my life, and so naming our Signature collection suddenly became very easy.  From the day I was born, these five special women had a huge impact on my life, and so it seemed only right that these signature blooms were dedicated to them. 

The Billy-June Paper Flower BouquetTHE BILLY-JUNE 


First in the collection is The Billy-June, so named after my mum (Billy is of course a nickname, more on that later!) and her mum June, my nan, who sadly died before I was born. They were both lovers of freesias, which is why they feature heavily in this bouquet. So much so that they also featured in my own wedding bouquet.  Anyone who knows my mum will know that she owns an unusually excessive amount of purple in her life, so it was only fitting that our predominantly purple blooms are named after her.

The Hazel Paper Flower BouquetTHE HAZEL 


Next up is The Hazel, which is inspired by my lovely Mother-in-Law, a definite lover of all things bold and adventurous!  Not one to shy away from colour, it's only right that this beautiful bunch of tropical blooms is named after her. 

The Peggy Paper Flower BouquetTHE PEGGY


Anyone who knew my nan Peggy would know that she was a lover of the Rose. In all its glorious forms, shapes, sizes and colours. When we were kids, her garden was constantly full of them, and I have fond memories of helping her prune them and making perfume from the fallen petals.  My favourite was always the Grandiflora with their multi-coloured blooms.  This bunch dedicated to her features 6 varieties of rose - Grandiflora, Tea Rose, Blythe Spirit David Austin Rose, Dainty Maid Rose, Garden Queen and Fighting Temeraire as well as 2 varieties of foliage. 

The Mary Paper Flower BouquetTHE MARY


The Mary is appropriately named after my wonderful Nana.  A classic style and beauty.  If I could picture her wearing any colour, it would be the eggshell blue shades of this hydrangea.  It brings back very happy memories of the dress she wore when she read a very special reading on my wedding day, a memory which I'll always cherish.  Spookily, she also sent me a bunch of fresh flowers for my birthday - just days after I finished designing The Mary - and it featured almost all of the same flowers as you see here.  Sometimes it doesn't matter how many thousands of miles apart you are...

All our paper blooms are hand crafted from either Italian or German heavy weight crepe paper.  Some of our petals are also hand coloured to get the perfect shade.  We intentionally make each flower slightly different to the next so that they are more representative of nature, no flower is perfect, as in life.  Each of these bouquets is available in two sizes and are the perfect gift for someone special in your life, whatever the occasion.