Celebrate the special moments. Handmade paper flowers, courses & diy flower tutorials. Celebrate the special moments. Handmade paper flowers, courses & diy flower tutorials.

The Isabel - Paper Flower Bouquet


The Isabel is inspired by one of my favourite little people!

Her mum Imogen is the sort of person who will probably be shocked and a tad embarrassed that I’m naming a whole collection after her and her littles.  The sort of mum who never makes a fuss or complains, but just gets on with it.  She quietly and unassumingly has raised two of the most adorable little girls I know, despite challenges, hardcore pregnancies, and little help from anyone other than her equally wonderful husband. 

Earlier this year, they also welcomed Isabel as a new addition to the family, who already seems as adorable as her big sister, Esme.  I have no doubt that with such great parents and a very cool sibling, she too will be one special little girl!

The Isabel is available in limited quantities as part of our limited edition Coral Charm Collection, and only available while stocks last.

The Isabel features a single Coral Charm Peony in a glass bud vase.

Overall size - approx. 10"h x 8" w, sizes may vary.

All our paper blooms are hand crafted from either Italian or German heavy weight crepe paper.  Some of our petals are also hand coloured to get the perfect shade.  We intentionally make each flower slightly different to the next so that they are more representative of nature, no flower is perfect, as in life. 


We recommend you display your paper blooms out of direct sunlight to avoid fading, and obviously they don’t need any water!  You can also give them a little shake and turn them upside down every now and again to remove any dust.  Other than that they should last years without any maintenance.