Repairing damaged paper flowers

Repairing Damaged Paper Flowers


Today I'm repairing some damaged paper flowers that got a little bit squashed! Oops! Totally my fault for not storing them properly, I definitely should know better!

I have a bunch of paper plumeria stems that I'd like to use in a bouquet, so I thought I'd bring you along in the studio while I give them a little bit of TLC and make a few minor repairs.

Generally most paper flowers are pretty hardy, and they're usually not as fragile as you think they'll be. But some of the smaller flowers, particularly those which are only attached at a very small point like plumeria, can sometimes take a little beating if you overcrowd them in a vase or don't store them properly. However, it's all very easy to fix, so let me show you how! 

Hope that helps you to breathe a new lease of life into your paper flowers!

I'm also working on a little series which will show you how to bring together all of the skills and techniques we've learned together so far to make a beautiful paper flower bouquet, so make sure you're subscribed to my YouTube channel, or join my mailing list to be notified when it goes live!

Michelle x

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