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paper hibiscus tutorial | diy paper flowers | crepe paper flower tutorials

05 May, 2020

How To Make a Crepe Paper Hibiscus Flower

I'm back with another paper flower tutorial for you, and today we're learning how to make a paper hibiscus flower. Hibiscus flowers are one of my top 3 easy flowers to get started with if you're new to paper flower making.
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mod podge paper leaves | how to make paper leaves

02 May, 2020

Mod Podge Paper Leaves | Paper Flower Techniques

I wanted to share with you a really quick and easy technique which I love to use when I make leaves to go with my paper flowers. I regularly use Mod Podge to add an extra layer of protection to my paper leaves. And not only does it make them a bit more durable, it also helps to make them look realistic too.

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how to clean paper flowers | crepe paper flower care

12 May, 2020

How To Clean Paper Flowers

Ever wondered how on earth you're meant to clean your paper flowers? Well don't panic, because I have 3 great tips showing you exactly how to do just that! I promise it'll be alot more straight forward than you're expecting!
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3 easy crepe paper flowers for beginners

28 Mar, 2020

3 Easy Crepe Paper Flowers For Beginners

Today I'm sharing my top 3 easy paper flowers. If you're a beginner, and want to know where to get started, then this one is definitely for you. These blooms are all easy for you to get started with, and will teach you lots of new techniques, so that you can apply those to all different kinds of flowers too.

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