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How To Make a Crepe Paper Hibiscus Flower


Hello again!

I'm back with another paper flower tutorial for you, and today we're learning how to make a paper hibiscus flower.

To get started, get your free paper hibiscus template here, and then be sure to check out the free paper flower tutorial video here!

diy paper flowers | crepe paper flower tutorial | Free paper flower templates | paper hibiscus

Hibiscus flowers are one of my top 3 easy flowers to get started with if you're new to paper flower making. That's mainly because there's only actually 5 petals! But also, the technique you'll learn to make the petals with is the same one you'll use for making leaves. So once you've learnt how to make one, you can then apply that to all sorts of other paper flowers and paper leaves.

I created a free paper flower tutorial for you, which you can watch below, or by clicking here.

Not only that, but I also have another free flower template for you to download and use to cut out your petals. You can get yours here.

diy paper flowers | paper hibiscus tutorial | crepe paper flowers

I'd love to see how you're progressing with your paper flower making, so please share your creations with me on Instagram @tamuchly_paperblooms, and use the hashtag #tamuchlypaperblooms.

paper flower tutorials | crepe paper hibiscus template | diy paper flowers

Also, don't forget I have other free paper flower templates and tutorials for you to try, and you can also see the full range of my paper flower templates here.

Until next time, happy flower making.

Michelle x