how to make crepe paper silver dollar eucalyptus

How To Make Paper Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

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Today I have not one but three new paper leaf templates for you!

My silver dollar eucalyptus template and tutorial are launching today, and the tutorial video is live now (click the video below to watch it).

However, the silver dollar eucalyptus template will also be available as part of a bundle of 3 eucalyptus stems, so even though the other 2 tutorial videos are not quite ready to go live yet, I wanted to give you the chance to get your hands on the bundle now too!

paper eucalyptus templates

Each template is $7.50 CAD, or you can save 20% by buying all three together to get the bundle for $18 CAD. 

Also don't forget, VIP(B) members get access to all current and future paper flower templates for FREE, so if you've been considering signing up, then now's your time to get your hands on all three of these paper leaf templates as part of the pass, and save yourself some money!

how to make paper eucalyptus

There are templates for Silver Dollar Eucalyptus, Baby Blue Eucalyptus and Eucalyptus Staigeriana. Each one is available either as a PDF file or SVG file if you prefer to use a cutting machine such as the Cricut Maker.

how to make crepe paper silver dollar eucalyptus

Hope you enjoy making your silver dollar eucalyptus, and stay tuned for the other 2 tutorials launching very soon.

Happy flower making,

Michelle x

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Hi Connie! You absolutely could use paper flowers on a wedding cake! There are a few things to be aware of though. Firstly, I would avoid using any kind of colouring techniques that might transfer to the cake, such as pan pastels – these are not safe to eat, so I wouldn’t want to take the risk of them accidentally rubbing on the cake. I would stick with the manufacturers standard colours, or use alcohol inks. If you want to be extra cautious then maybe keep the inks to those petals which aren’t going to touch the cake and that will sit a bit higher up. Secondly, I would be careful about how you attach the flowers to the cake. I believe most cake decorators use a tube which is pushed into the cake first, and then the flower wires can sit inside the tube, so therefore the wire isn’t touching anything thats going to be eaten! I would also try to design it in a way that the paper flowers are touching the cake as little as possible. Finally, I would also be prepared that the paper flowers may not be able to be used again afterwards. Obviously there’s a good chance that you could save them, especially if your design is one large cluster of flowers, but if it’s lots of more spread out paper flowers for example, there’s a good chance they might end up damaged, or covered in icing or something! So I would just expect that so that you’re not disappointed if the worst happened! I hope that helps, I’d love to see photos if you do end up making them for a wedding cake!

Michelle - Ta Muchly Paper Blooms

Do I use this on a decorated cake for wedding?


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