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Mod Podge Paper Leaves | Paper Flower Techniques

Hello again!

I wanted to share with you a really quick and easy technique which I love to use when I make leaves to go with my paper flowers.

I regularly use Mod Podge to add an extra layer of protection to my paper leaves. And not only does it make them a bit more durable, it also helps to make them look realistic too.

If you don't have any Mod Podge, you can get some from the links below, or instead use watered down tacky glue. Watch the video for some advice about using glue instead of the Mod Podge.

If you haven't yet made any leaves to go with your paper flowers, have a look at my basic paper leaf tutorial here.

Also, don't forget I have other free paper flower templates and tutorials for you to try, and you can also see the full range of my paper flower templates here.

Until next time, happy flower making.

Michelle x


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