fluffy fringe centres for paper flowers tutorial

Fluffy Centres for Paper Flowers | Tutorial

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Today I want to show you how to make basic flower centres, using fringing techniques.

It's a basic technique, but you can apply it in so many different ways.

I've used the same technique to make all of the flowers in the video. You can make open peony centres, clematis, a coral charm peony, and it's all the same basic method. You just need to create this basic fringe centre, and then you can apply it in all sorts of different ways. So it's a really useful tool to have to get started.

You'll need some 16 gauge wire, German heavyweight crepe paper, tacky glue, and some detail scissors.

Keep watching to find out how to make your fluffy fringe centres.

Hopefully that should get you started with making fringe centres for your flowers. It's a really good way to get started with paper blooms, and it's so easy to apply to all sorts of different flowers too.

If you give them a try, then why not share the photos on instagram. I'd love to see how you get on. Just be sure to tag me, and use the hashtag #tamuchlypaperblooms.

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