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How To Make A Crepe Paper Peony | Tutorial

It's time to get started making your very first paper flower! And what better place to start than with the very first flower I ever made, the peony.

To get started, get your free paper peony template here, and then be sure to check out the free paper flower tutorial video here!

I still love making peonies, and to this day I think they're still my favourite paper flower to make. They're a great place to get started, and make a huge impact right from your first bloom.

crepe paper peony | paper flower tutorial | how to make paper flowers

I created a 3 part series teaching you how to make this beautiful crepe paper peony. 

paper flower tutorial | crepe paper flower template | paper peony template

You can also download a FREE peony template which I created especially for you to use with this paper peony tutorial. Click here to get yours for free now.

I'd love to see how you get on making your crepe paper peony! If you take photos be sure to tag me on Instagram @tamuchly_paperblooms so that I can share your blooms with the world!

Also, don't forget I have other free paper flower templates and tutorials for you to try, and you can also see the full range of my paper flower templates here.

Until next time, happy flower making.

Michelle x

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Hi Fazelah, I have lots of templates available for different paper flowers, have a look at the ‘templates’ section in the header above. The amount of templates you’ll get depends on which flowers you’re looking for. Most are just for one paper flower template, but a few of them are also available as a bundle to save on the cost if you prefer. Hope that helps!

Michelle - Ta Muchly Paper Blooms

I am looking for paper template with different tutorial.

How much with paper template flower tutorial in a pack.


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