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Floral Tapes and Glue USA

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Here are a few of my favourite floral tapes and adhesives to use for paper flower making.  These supplies are all available from US stockists.
It's always best to try to match your floral tape to the colour of your foliage as much as possible. That way you get a much more natural finish to your paper flowers. So I try to keep as many different colours of floral tape in stock as I can.
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floral tape usa paper flowersfloral tape usa paper flowersfloral tape usa paper flowers
 paper flower floral tape white floral tape paper flowers Gold/Cream - Floral Tape 2/Pkg
My favourite glue to use is Aleene's Tacky Glue.
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aleenes tacky glue canada  
Although I prefer to use tacky glue for my paper flowers, occasionally it can be helpful to use hot glue as well. I've linked my favourite dual temperature glue gun below.

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gorilla dual temperature glue gun Gorilla Glue Mini Hot Glue Sticks - Pkg of 30, 4"
Mod Podge is great for adding both shine and a protective layer to your leaves. It's also a bit easier to use (and more cost effective than tacky glue) for laminating crepe paper. I prefer to use the Matte finish, but you can also experiment with the Gloss finish if you prefer more shine on your leaves.
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matte finish mod podgegloss mod podge
Not in the USA? See my top picks for Canada and the UK instead!