painting crepe paper flowers by hand

Adding Painted Details to Create Realistic Paper Flowers

Hello, and happy Friday!

One of my favourite ways to elevate my paper flowers is to use colouring techniques. Whether that's with a full colour wash, just highlighting the edges of the petal, creating an ombre effect, or even just adding veins to the leaves. Whichever you choose, adding painted details to your paper flowers is a great way to make them look more realistic. 

Have you tried any colouring techniques yet?

hand painted paper flower

Today I’m showing you some of the techniques I used on my latest tutorial for the paper anemone. Me being me, I couldn't just make one paper anemone for the tutorial video...I ended up making 9! All in different colours and varieties. I don't do things by halves!

hand painted paper flowers

For these flowers I used acrylic paints, alcohol inks and pan pastels. So I thought it might be interesting to share the results with you, and show you step by step how I achieved each one.

Watch the video below to see how I used acrylic paints with the standard crepe paper colour, and what a difference that extra bit of detail can make.

Let me know if you try either of these details, I'd love to hear how they turned out!

Stay tuned for more colouring videos coming soon.

Until then, happy flower making.


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materials I used to colour these paper flowers

Crepe Paper

Heavyweight German crepe paper. I'm using the Lia Griffith range.

Petal - Plum (purple) and Raspberry (Pink)

Centre - Onyx

Leaf/stem - Spearmint

TIP - Spearmint and Basil are very similar colours, so if you are buying the Botanical Gardens crepe paper pack to get the Onyx colour, you could easily swap Spearmint for Basil instead!

Acrylic Paints & Brush

Acrylic paints are a great way of getting a wider range of colours for your paper flowers. You can use them to colour wash the entire sheet of paper, to add gradients, and just small details - all of which add up to a much more realistic looking paper flower.

It's worth getting a set of artists brushes with several different sizes too.

Palette or Plate

This doesn't need to be anything fancy, an old dinner plate will work just fine! It just needs to be ceramic or plastic so that the paint isn't absorbed.

If you prefer, this stay wet palette is meant to be amazing for preventing your paint from drying out.

Jar, pot or glass

Again this is probably something you already have at home. You just need a vessel to hold a little bit of water. An old mason jar works great.

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Ta Muchly!

watch the paper anemone tutorial below