How To Make A Paper Anemone

How To Make A Paper Anemone

Well hello!

It's been a good while since I last got chance to create a new paper flower template for you, but better late than never, right?! Sorry it's taken me so long.

The paper anemone tutorial and template that I started forever ago, is finally finished, and the free template (yes that's right, FREE!) and video tutorial are waiting for you right now. Just scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the links below!

So what are you waiting for?!

This video is the cut by hand version, but I will also be launching a cut by machine version too, so if you want to use a Cricut Maker for your paper anemone keep an eye out for that one coming soon. (I promise I wont make you wait as long this time!)

I spent alot of time tweaking and adjusting this paper flower template to make sure it was just right, and during the process I ended up playing with lots of different colouring techniques and combinations. So over the next little while I'll also be sharing some of those with you so you can also experiment with creating all sorts of exciting colour combos for your paper anemones too.

I've also included a list of all of the materials I used for this paper flower below, plus links for where to buy them. You can also check out the supplies page for links to where to buy paper flower materials from around the world.

I hope you enjoy making your paper anemones and I'd love to see how they turn out if you fancy sharing your finished creations!

Happy flower making,


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Super easy tutorial – explains everything so clearly. Amazing results everytime I make this.


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materials I used for this paper flower template

Crepe Paper

Heavyweight German crepe paper. I'm using the Lia Griffith range.

Petal - Plum

Centre - Onyx

Leaf/stem - Spearmint

TIP - Spearmint and Basil are very similar colours, so if you are buying the Botanical Gardens crepe paper pack to get the Onyx colour, you could easily swap Spearmint for Basil instead!

Floral Wire

I'm using 16 gauge, but either 16 or 18 gauge, paper or cloth covered would be fine.

Tacky Glue

My favourite glue is the Aleene's Tacky Glue. I also used a small pot and cocktail stick to decant some glue into to make it easier to work with.


You'll need a standard ruler or measuring tape to cut the paper to the right size.


You need a good quality pair of sharp scissors. My favourites are the ones with the fine point which cut right to the end of the blade.

I also recommend the scissors with a spring action, and/or with no finger loops as they're much more comfy to cut multiple petals with.


Used to cut your wires to length. These don't need to be anything special, just regular household pliers from a hardware store will work great.

Mod Podge

I highly recommend that you use Mod Podge to finish your leaves for this template.

The shape of the leaves is quite intricate, so it really helps to add a bit of rigidity and to stop them getting damaged. It's also pretty tricky to get the correct bend on the leaves without it.

I usually prefer to use the matte finish, but either matte or glossy will work well.

You'll also need a large fluffy paintbrush (mop brush) to apply it with.

Workspace Protection

To stop the mod podge making a huge mess of your workspace, I recommend you put down a layer of protection first. I like to use cling wrap/kitchen film for this.

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Ta Muchly!

watch the paper anemone tutorial below