how to make crepe paper baby blue eucalyptus

How To Make Baby Blue Eucalyptus

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As promised, today I'm back with the next tutorial in my paper eucalyptus collection.

This set of three paper eucalyptus stems work great either individually, on their own, or as part of so many different displays and bouquets. They're the perfect foliage stems to be able to make for all sorts of situations.

Paper Eucalyptus Tutorial

Incase you missed it, the paper silver dollar eucalyptus template and tutorial are already live, check them out here

However, today we are going to be focusing on the Baby Blue Eucalyptus.

Baby Blue Eucalyptus Template

Baby Blue eucalyptus is a great stem to add height to your displays, and can be a perfect way of adding a bit of variety and more of an organic feel to your blooms. It's also a pretty easy one to make - there's only 1 wire for the main stem, and the individual leaves don't need wires in either, so they're very quick and easy to make! Meaning you can very quickly and easily create a whole bunch of this beautiful paper eucalyptus stem.

It's available to download as a stand alone template, or as part of the eucalyptus bundle (which saves you 20% compared to buying all 3.) It's also available for free to VIP(B) members who get access to all current and future paper flower templates for FREE! (Sign up here if you fancy joining!)

As with the Silver Dollar Eucalyptus template, the Baby Blue is available as either as a PDF file or SVG file if you prefer to use a cutting machine such as the Cricut Maker.

Paper Baby Blue Eucalyptus Template

To get you started on your crepe paper eucalyptus stem, here's a list of the materials I've used for this paper leaf tutorial:

Check out my Worldwide Paper Flower Supplies list for where to get your materials elsewhere in the World. 

Happy flower making,

Michelle x

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