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Hello again!

By far the most requested paper flower tutorial that I get asked for is how to make a paper rose. It's been on my to do list for a good while to make this paper rose tutorial for you, and I'm very glad to say it's finally here!

paper rose tutorial

With this tutorial I'm teaching you step by step how to make paper roses from crepe paper. We'll cover the flower itself, the leaves and the calyx, and also how to colour your petals using both alcohol inks and pan pastels to get a more realistic looking bloom.

how to make a paper rose

There's 3 parts to this tutorial, a YouTube video, a downloadable template, AND a 9 page step by step instruction guide. You can use all 3 together to make your own crepe paper tea rose, just like the ones below.

paper rose template

how to make paper roses

You can watch the video over on the Ta Muchly Paper Blooms YouTube channel, or by clicking below.

Hope you enjoy making your paper rose, and don't forget to tag me on instagram if you fancy sharing your finished creation! @tamuchly_paperblooms

Also, don't forget I have some free paper flower templates and tutorials for you to try, and you can also see the full range of my paper flower templates here.

Until next time, happy flower making.

Michelle x


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