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It's been a while! Several months (yes MONTHS!) ago, I started working on a paper sunflower tutorial for you, and turns out that trying to work whilst also looking after a baby full time isn't that easy - who knew?! Anyway, I have FINALLY finished the tutorial and it's ready and waiting for you right now! 

paper sunflower template and tutorial

I know most of us are starting to think about Christmas now rather than seasonal flowers like the sunflower, but thats the beauty of paper flowers - you can have any flower you like, year round! Sunflowers work great in winter displays too, just pair them with some cooler toned flowers, such as anemones and winter foliage. Or even switch the yellow crepe for some white to create some icy white blooms ready for winter.

paper sunflower template and tutorial

paper sunflower template and tutorial

paper sunflower template and tutorial

paper sunflower template and tutorial

With this tutorial I'm teaching you step by step how to make not one but 2 sunflowers from crepe paper. Using my sunflower template you'll be able to make both a standard size sunflower, and an extra large sunflower too.

We'll cover the flower itself, the leaves and the calyx, and also how to colour your petals using pan pastels.

paper sunflower template and tutorialYou can watch the step by step video over on the Ta Muchly Paper Blooms YouTube channel, or by clicking on the image below.

I also have a quicker, timelapse version of the tutorial for you too. So if you just want to quickly watch the steps in advance, or want to get an idea of the steps before you get started making your paper sunflower alongside the full video, you can!

Click the image below to watch the timelapse version.

Hope you enjoy making your paper sunflowers, and don't forget to tag me on instagram if you fancy sharing your finished creation! @tamuchly_paperblooms

Also, don't forget I have some free paper flower templates and tutorials for you to try, and you can also see the full range of my paper flower templates here.

Until next time, happy flower making!

Michelle x


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